Get ready to reflect, refocus and redirect yourself so that you can confidently say you are on the right pathway to your most up to date vision of success. Get ready to answer the question "Am I there yet?' and if not "Where and how do I get there'?

Buy this limited time course, and you'll work with me Victoria Walsh certified coach and mid life transformation expert, to transform 2019 and beyond.

"Am i there yet?' is a 4 week flexible and affordable coaching course bringing the tools, wisdom and skill I have been using to help 100s of professionals just like you to find clarity, feel confident and take action to step change their careers and life.


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Does this sound familiar?

Do you have a great home, family life and a comfortable and successful career which you have worked hard at? are wondering if there is something else you could be doing or a way of working which would make you happier. Or, maybe you believe you have untapped potential and want to ensure you make shifts to ensure you maximise the rest of your career and life now not later. 

My coaching clients often talk about a sense of dissatisfaction and confusion around how they feel about their career, where they are or how they are showing up each day, despite achieving a lot of what they thought they wanted out of their career and life.  They are wondering about change and a yearning to understand whether they are working and living the best life they could. Many have Ideas whirling in their head but no understanding of why, whether to follow them through or how to create shifts?

The mid-life years usually mean you feel secure and are enjoyng the benefits of years of working up the metaphorical ladder. It's comfortable, but;

What if there is more you were supposed to achieve and can achieve at work and in life? 

What if you are one change away from feeling truly successful not just being successful?   

Or, What if you are wondering unnecessarily? You've made it or are going to make it if you just keep going on the path you are on.

 Mid-life can trigger so many questions such as...   

How can I make the next 10-20 years of my career purposeful, enjoyable and fulfilling?  

How can I know if I could be doing something else? 

How can I burst through the ceiling and into the next level in my career? 

How will I maintain the same drive and performance levels as I get older? 

What does a really exciting and inspiring career truly look like to me? What shifts can I make to create more happiness and satisfaction in my career every day?

 What's next? 

If any or all of these questions resonate, then I believe you are asking yourself one powerful question, that question is ... AM I THERE YET? You know that annoying question we associate with children from the backseat of a car when they are restless, bored and wondering how soon they will arrive at their dream destination. Your dream destination is a life which fulfills your personal success criteria, and your career is one of the fundamental vehicles in helping you get there.  

With this course I wil help you answer that annoying repetitive question - Am I there yet? and create the transformations you need to close the gap between where you are and where you truly want to be.

About this course

If you feel in a state of flux, uncertain, fed up and can't navigate your thoughts and options in your career then this course is for you. If you just want to check in with your career and make sure you are heading in the right direction, then this course is also for you.

This course is designed for mid-life career professionals to steer you through a process of honest and enlightening reflection, exploration and creative thinking to help you focus on a future where you maximise up to date success criteria.   

It will empower you with clarity and confidence to plan the desired transformations you need so that 2019 is the year you...

  • Stop feeling restless, dissatisfied or stuck.
  • Stop the what-ifs and maybes and start doing more of what you truly want to do in your career.
  • Reset the compass to make sure the next chapter of your life is the boldest, most focused and fulfilling.
  • Leverage the value you have from years of experience and skill building.
  • Say goodbye to excuses or compromises and attend to what is not working or causing you to feel unsettled.
  • Take control of the next chapter of your career (and life) and 'make every day the best day'.

I'm a master of helping clients breakthrough their limiting beliefs, to find new perspectives and a self leadership mindset which will support their personal growth. I help them unearth a new way of looking at themselves and empower them with ideas they never thought possible. My empathetic, warm and nurturing style means the expert advice and strategies I will introduce you to, will be easy to follow and support your growth and breakthroughs during the programme. I've also designed this programme so that even though you maybe taking this course in your own time and at home, you will not be alone. I have built in access to my personal support in a number of ways.

How can this course help you?

You have a bucket load of experience behind you, strong competencies and a perspective of life now which will mean you have all the tools to design a career which will enable you to achieve exactly what will make you feel proud, energised and satisfied. You are ready right now to ensure you are empowering yourelf to fulfill your true vision of success and maximise your working years with happiness and fulfilment. You just need a little helping hand to explore, understand and feel confident with your ideas.

Perhaps it's something new but maybe it's re-engagement with what you currently do. Perhaps it's transforming your habits, your mindset, your beliefs and reconnecting with your priorities. 

But before you can do anything right now you need to start with clarity. This is what this course will give you.

What I learned from being exactly where you are, and through working with so many mid-life professionals, is you will never know the answer to wonderings and maybes unless you properly make the time to be curious and explore. 

This is what this course will help you to do. It will  specifically help you;

  • Make sense of current thinking and stop the roundabout of thought.
  • Understand who you are today, reconnect with your identity. 
  • Crystalise your career vision for the next 10-15 years.
  • Work out what's working, what's not and what's missing.
  • Explore the blocks (internal and external) keeping you stuck.
  • Boost your confidence in yourself and decision making.
  • Get you focused.
  • Build motivation and energy to pursue transformations if needed or to continue moving forward content you are heading in the right direction
  • Create an action plan.
  • Answer the question 'Am I there yet?'

What's in the course?

Recognising one of the biggest barriers to change is time, I have created this course to be taken in your own time giving you the flexibility to work at your own pace. However that does not mean you are doing this alone! I have designed this course to give you access to me as your coach when you need it.  

The course is broken down into:

- 4 weekly themed chapters

- Weekly pre-recorded strategy and coaching sessions

- Weekly downloadable worksheets

- Email & Online coach support

- Bonus material for enhanced learning and development (see below) 

Course Outline


We start with reflection and review of your story so far. We can't change the past but we can take inspiration and learn from it. In this chapter of the course, you will get clear on priorities, unearth your motivation for transformation and start to create the space to think more clearly. Finally, you'll unearth the reason for feeling stuck, frustrated or restless.


With so much experience, personal expectations, life commitments and opinions banked up it's hard to see the wood through the trees. In this section, I will guide you through a belief audit and change process to identify where you are empowering or limiting yourself. We'll also look at your relationship with time which is one of the biggest blocks I hear time and time again for keeping people stuck and unable to find answers.


The likelihood is you are stuck with an old vision of success or being influenced by what you think society expects of you. In this chapter of the course, we will create energy and excitement about the future by getting crystal clear on what you want more of, what you don't want and how you can push out of your comfort zone. It's here the lightbulbs and answers to the question 'Am I there yet?' will really start to go off.


It's time to stop going around in circles. To take the newfound clarity on what you want and what's in the way and create a 5 step action plan as to how you will move confidently forward. We'll identify decisions to be taken, gaps to be filled, questions still to be answered and how you will stay accountable and motivated to move forward into action.

Bonus material

  • Group Coaching Q&A sessions

    value £100+

    If you get stuck don't worry, as an extra bonus you can join a bi-weekly group coaching Q&A session - Weds 8pm. Each session will run for up to 60mins dependent upon volume of participants either via a private facebook group or Zoom webinar. It's your chance to ask questions related to your specific challenges and go deeper with your thinking.

  • Reflection meditation

    value £35

    With busy lives and careers, being able to fully switch off and immerse yourself in this course may be hard. But, with this meditation created specifically by Victoria for her clients, you will be guided through a process which will help relax and focus you to maximise your ability to reflect.

  • Complimentary 45 minute coaching session for the first 10 course purchasers.

    value £200

    If you are quick you will be able to get your hands on one of 10 Complimentary 45 minute coaching sessions which are up for grabs. (Sessions delivered via Zoom/ Skype or telephone).

PLUS, all course registrants will get access and one to one support to Victoria via a private course online group (optional to join) and email.

Client Feedback

“"I can honestly say that working with Victoria has been a life-changing experience. I’ve spent many years being unhappy with my career. I knew what I was doing wasn’t really ‘me’ - but I didn’t have the confidence or clarity to be able to do anything about it. With Victoria’s calm, warm and wise guidance I have made huge strides towards changing career and finding work that feels authentic to me. But perhaps more importantly,  she has helped me identify the values that are at my core and understand what makes me happy and gives my life purpose and meaning."  ”

Sam, LondonSam, London

“"Victoria is a professional, authentic and incredibly insightful coach. After just one coaching session together she managed to unpick what was holding me back on my job search and also to face the fears that I had created along the way." Rebecca, London”

Rebecca, LondonRebecca, London

“"If you’re looking for an experienced, professional coach who is committed to making you the success that you always wanted to be, then I would strongly recommend Victoria Walsh. Through her coaching, she demystified a number of challenges I was having professionally and personally." ”

Jonathan, LondonJonathan, London

Meet your coach

  • Victoria Walsh

    Victoria Walsh

    Victoria Walsh is a mid-life and career transformation certified coach, belief change practitioner, trainer, university lecturer, podcaster and motivational speaker. As a transformation expert, Victoria supports mid-lifers to courageously create the changes they seek in order to stop feeling dissatisfied, restless and under-performing in their careers. Her mission is to help others maximise every opportunity they have to make every day their best day. Satisfied, fulfilled, energised and doing the work they really want to do to their best ability. She helps turn any yearning and internal self questioning into clear confident action. Empowers clients to not get sidelined by age, their own limiting beliefs and society. Working with Victoria clients reinvent, re-engage and continue to improve in their careers so that they achieve all they truly want in life, no compromises. Before launching her coaching practice The Believe Consultancy in 2015, Victoria worked for 20 years in the world of marketing in leadership, client service and operational roles. She is no stranger to managing the ups and down of career and the roller coaster of mid life change. She spent many years looking successful but feeling anything but. Looking like she had everything in control but treading water and battling an internal debate over what she truly wanted out of career and life, how she would achieve it and the challenge of self-doubt, confusion and beliefs that kept her stuck for a long time. Taking personal wisdom, experience of working with 100s of professionals on career transformation and her coaching credentials ,she will help you navigate your own personal mid career transformation with ease, clarity, confidence, belief and action.

Don't miss out - limited time course

Registration closes 25th January 2019

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  • When is the content of this course available?

    You are able to buy this course from 7th January 2019. The initial course content will be available from 31st January 2019.Cart closes 25th January.

  • How is the course content delivered?

    The course is broken into 4 weekly chapters designed to be completed one after another. The core elements of the course will be delivered as a pre-recorded audio slide show with associated downloadable pdfs.

  • Why can't I access all 4 chapters at once?

    Experience of working with 100s of professionals just like you tells me that you will need time to explore and reflect in each section. There is a tendency if content is available all at once for someone to jump ahead and miss out on maximising the experience of the course.

  • When will I get access to the course material?

    On the 31st January the first chapter of this course will be made available to all registrants. Each following chapter will become available each Monday.

  • What is the bonus group Q&A coaching session with this course?

    Online coaching courses offer flexibility to time and an affordable way to access a coach. However, there is more to be achieved if you can talk directly to your coach. As a bonus, I am offering the chance to join an online Q&A to discuss your specific challenge and ask questions about the course. These will run on Zoom or within the online community (dependent on the number of participants taking the course) between 13th February and the 31st March 2019 at 8pm GMT on a Wednesday (every 2 weeks)

  • What if i don't complete a chapter each week?

    You can take this course at your own pace. Life gets in the way and so there maybe occasions you go slower between chapters. That is ok. Quality exploration and completion of exercises will always be more effective than speed. The bonus Q&A sessions will not be chapter specific.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    Due to the nature of this course and the IP of the material provided there are no refunds possible.

  • Is there a split payment option?

    If you would like to discuss split payment please contact us via support.